The Early Bird Gets The Link

Perspectives After Attending the #DefundPP Rally
Since the rally, several people have asked me if I was afraid while there. I believe the Lord took away my fear and He gave me all the courage I needed to go and stand up for life. 

The Cure for a Lack of Fruit in Our Christian Lives

Assuming, then, that there is no doubt as to the ability and willingness of Christ to save those who believe, how may I be assured that I have this belief?

Growing in the faith always takes time (and it’s never complete)

Which, really, is the story of all our lives. No matter how far we progress, we’re still not there. There is still work to be done. While we still have breath, sanctification is not complete.

How and Why Did Some Christians Defend Slavery?

A history lesson worth reading.

The Key to Spiritual Breakthrough

How much enjoyment of God’s presence and experience of his power for mission are we missing out on because we do not ask God for them?


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