Focus Friday: 5 Leadership Questions With Dr. Russell Moore

The 5 Leadership Questions Podcast interviews leaders from many facets of life and business and they ask 5 major questions:

  1. Who are you currently learning from?
  2. What is the main emphasis of your leadership right now?
  3. What are 2-3 things you must do daily?
  4. What does leadership in your home look like?
  5. What would you tell your 20 year old self?

These podcasts are like a front porch conversations and are a great resource for informal mentoring and discipleship. 

This weeks episode with Dr. Moore gives u a glimpse into the life of the leader of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission. There are many reasons I enjoy listening and learning from Dr. Moore, one of them is he provides big picture thinking in a small picture world.

A great example of big picture thinking is when Dr. Moore gives a 30 to 45 second breakdown on the ethics of driverless vehicles. His comments cause you to pause and think. 

When thinking about ethics Dr. Moore says,

 “When I find myself on ethically dangerous ground it’s because I am forgetting who I am and my place in the Kingdom of God.”

That statement is truth that packs a punch.

The podcast speaks to several topics like parenting, family devotions, friendships, mentoring and many more. 

Some of the words of wisdom Dr. Moore would leave his 20 year old self is a thought I have been meditating as I have been going through my day. 

Try to be free from anxiety enough to enjoy in the Providence of God in the moment and rest in the providence of God.

I hope you hit the DL button when you see The 5 Leadership Questions on your podcast feed. 

Some of my favorite episodes are:

Ronnie Floyd

Scott Sauls

Nik Ripken

Peter Scazzero

Nick Vujicic

Until Next Time

Soli Deo Gloria


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