The Early Bird Gets The Link

Satan Wants to Blackmail You
A good word on concealed and unrepentant sin, run to your Father he knows.

Why Every Preacher Needs “The Doctor”

Every time I pick up Preaching and Preachers, I benefit. Here are five reasons why I think every preacher needs an occasional dose of “The Doctor” and his book.

Three Questions: Spiritual Growth

Three Questions is a series designed to put forth a few questions once a month. They can be used for personal reflection or perhaps as a way to spur on meaningful conversation in an accountability or small group.

Why Papa of The Shack Is not Aslan of Narnia

What about Narnia? If it is wrong to portray God the Father as the human Papa, isn’t it equally wrong to portray God the Son as the lion Aslan?

Five Warnings On Christians’ Thoughtless Use of Technology

Warnings to be heeded concerning tech, your children and you. 


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