The Early Bird Gets The Link

God Is Working in Your Waiting
Such is our dilemma as Christians. While society makes every attempt to make our life easier and faster, God works on a very different timetable. In his mind, nothing is wrong with waiting. In fact, waiting can actually be a positive good that he often uses to make us more like his Son.

Do We Really Have to Politicize Everything?

The gospel challenges this convergence. The announcement that a crucified Messiah is the king of the world must lift our eyes and our allegiance to something more ultimate than a policy proposal or a political party. The gospel, of course, has political implications, but it demotes “the political realm” to a lower place.

How Can Our Church Reach Out to the Gay Community?

There is no secret to reaching out to any community–gay, straight, or otherwise. Don’t be scared and don’t be stupid. Talk to people as real people. 

What to do when you don’t know what to do

Worthwhile read.

Deadly Doctrines: Facing Evil Likes Snakes and Doves

Jesus had taught and mentored his disciples, and he was now ready to send them on a short-term mission. They would go to their fellow Jews to tell them of the Messiah. They were like sheep being dispatched into a pack of dangerous wolves. Wolves are vicious, and sheep are helpless. Wolves are crafty, and sheep are dumb. How could these sheep survive? They would need to learn from two other creatures—snakes and doves.


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