The Early Bird Gets The Link

Faith in Action
Paul pointed out six aspects of the Christian’s life that must be visible. In fact, in these points, Paul provides emphasis by giving commands to these believers regarding how they are to live. For faith, without works is dead.

It’s a Wonderful Time to Be Christian

America is facing turbulent times. Political unrest is unceasing. The racial divide is deepening. Fear and frustration swirl frantically. 

This leads to only one logical conclusion: It’s a wonderful time to be a Christian.
7 Ways Leaders Seize the Opportunity of Second Failure

People will fail tomorrow in the same way they failed today, unless they change.

Wanted: Burdened Preachers

That this is one of the crying needs of our times must be obvious to all who have the prosperity of the church militant at heart. There is no shortage of men going by the titles of Pastor, Reverend, Bishop, Evangelist, etc., for they are being churned out of our Bible colleges and seminaries like comic booklets off the press. Never in the history of the church have we had so many BAs, BThs, MAs, PhDs, etc., in our pulpits. Yet, we must equally admit that very few of these men would sizzle if dropped into the Thames. Professionalism is the order of the day. Men prepare their sermons with the same cold-bloodedness with which they prepared their college assignments, and are therefore quite content when in the place of an A+ they get a “Thank you, Pastor, for that wonderful sermon” at the end of the service.

7 Trademarks Of An Unhealthy Friendship

Before you start reading, let me warn you: it will be very tempting for you to identify a friend or former friend who can be characterized by these trademarks…However, the point of this passage is for us to examine our own hearts, not convict others. 


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