The Early Bird Gets The Link

Where Is God When Things Keep Getting Worse?
will all our disappointments get tied up with a bow? Does God mean everything for my good? Some of my losses cannot or will not be reversed in this life, and I have seen faithful friends die without being rescued. How do I reconcile that?

Addressing Our Bible Boredom

Why are so many Christians bored with the Bible? Because we’ve forgotten what the Bible is.

On Moral Equivalency and Xbox

While I explicitly refused to wholesale condemn gaming, I did draw a contrast between young men who live emotionally connected lives with others, and those who seem trapped in their own fantasy worlds.

What Happened to the Absurd?

A reflection on art and culture.

Stop Making Yourself the Hero of Bible Stories

The truth in this article hurts “If we are honest we are ourselves, we can easily find ourselves in the pages of the Bible—just not among the heroes.”


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