The Early Bird Gets The Link

16 Ways to Promote Unity Amid Political Disagreement
The more our culture looks to government to solve our problems and be our savior, the higher the culture-war stakes will become on both sides.

Needed: Women Disciplers

In an era of blogs, social media, and live-streamed events, Christian women are no longer limited to discipleship relationships in the local church. Instead, teaching and mentoring is increasingly outsourced to the leaders standing on national platforms.

8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year

And then last year I surprised myself by reading 50 books. This year I’m on pace for 100. I’ve never felt more creatively alive in all areas of my life. I feel more interesting, I feel like a better father, and my writing output has dramatically increased. Amplifying my reading rate has been the domino that’s tipped over a slew of others.

Deadly Doctrines: The Pattern and Protection

How does a church come to reject sound doctrine? How do we guard ourselves against false teachers and their deadly doctrines? How do we protect ourselves, our families, and our churches from their seductive lies? Thankfully, God has given us clear guidance in his Word, showing us how churches descend into deadly doctrine and how we may protect ourselves against it.

10 Things You Should Know about Hell and Eternal Conscious Punishment

I take no special delight in writing this article. But hell is real and people are going there. So let’s look closely at what the Bible has to say about it as well as the on-going debate over whether hell is eternal conscious punishment.

Two Questions that Crackdown on Excuse Making

Excuses are the reason careers get stuck, life is on hold, and relationships grow dissatisfying.

You Don’t Have to Get Married to Be Happy

Romantic love is a heart terrorist unless it is anchored in a higher love.


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