The Early Bird Gets The Link

Ladies, Please Consider: Who is the Subject of Your Bible Study?
If that Christian book on your nightstand or if your women’s bible study points you back to you, please put it down. The message of self found throughout the culture and even in the church will fail us
Why Tim Keller, Max Lucado, and Hundreds of Evangelical Leaders Oppose Trump…

The open letter, published Wednesday as a full-page ad in The Washington Post with more than 100 of the signatories listed, was notable for two reasons. First, it contained only conservative evangelicals, instead of the mix of progressive names that usually sign such open letters. And second, topping the list were Tim Keller and Max Lucado—two well-known and well-respected pastors and authors who rarely speak out on political matters.

Pride Is Poisoning Your Happiness

When we talk about the danger of pride, we’re talking about the danger of the desire in all of us to exalt ourselves to the place of God and prove to the world that we’re independent. 

Time in God’s Word Is Not a Grim Duty

Time with God is never wasted—it spills over into the rest of our day and colors it.

Are You Suffocating Your Creativity?

Have you ever noticed that some of your best ideas come when you are in the shower? 


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