Friday Focus: A Paradise For Sinners

When you think of paradise what do you think of? What does it look like in your minds eye? I think of clear blue ocean with vibrant trees and the perfect temperature.

In today’s Friday Focus I want to point you to a sermon by Ray Ortlund Jr from Immanuel Church in Nashville TN. Ray is beginning a series in Galatians. In his sermon Ray encourages us by proclaiming that Galatians 

“leads down into the paradise that Jesus is, the paradise for sinners, Jesus welcomes the broken down in the low place. Do you realize that just by having Jesus you are free forever from anything that is against you, you are complete right now?”

If you are a follower of Christ, you are in  paradise with Christ. You do not have to be good enough to enter into his paradise. You don’t have to earn his favor to get in. For the follower of Christ the cross becomes your bridge into the paradise of God. 

When we enter the paradise of God through the cross of Christ, he changes our loyalty, our identity and our destiny.

Ray’s sermon is a great reminder that the Gospel is not just facts but something to be experienced. A conversion experience is a whole person experience, it effects the intellect, desires and emotions. I encourage you to listen to this encouraging sermon.

For those preachers out there, Ray’s sermon is an excellent example of the Gospel rich content which is found in the salutations of the letters of the New Testament and how to preach them. 

Until Next Time

Soli Deo Gloria


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