The Early Bird Gets The Link

The Sluggard Within: Defined and Defeated
How do we fall prey to and express this sin? 


Many have wrongly implied that teachability is antithetical to voicing convictions or formed opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth. Teachability sweetly complies with thoughtful convictions and opinions. True teachability is actually one of the rarest of qualities in the hearts and lives of people. So, what is required in order for us to become teachable?

Three things holding onto bitterness does to the heart

So bitterness is bad, I think we can all agree. Practically, though, what does it do to our hearts? There are at least three things I’ve noticed, both in observing my own heart and in reading some fairly despicable things online:

Seven Costs of Disciple-Making

Perhaps what might help us over our hurdles is not to hide how costly disciple-making is, but to be utterly honest and explicit about the costs, and hold them out in the light for us to see, and then find whether something in us might just rise to the peculiar glory of it all. 

The Kind of Friend Every Leader Needs

Friendship is more than a luxury afforded only to the fortunate few. It is part of what it means to be human, to live a good life. And leaders are not, thanks be to God, exempt from that divine design.


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