The Early Bird Gets The Link

Motherhood Is a Marathon
This is the calling of motherhood, to fall to the ground and die that we might bear much fruit. This is the glorious vision under all the monotony. The trouble is that it’s an elusive one, so easily obscured in the thickets of the every-day and the valleys of the mundane and menial.

A Christian Vision for the 21st Century

A beautiful vision when lived out.

Never Send Nude Selfies: Seven Reasons

On the 1000th episode of Ask Pastor John, John Piper deals with the issue of nude selfies. 

10 Myths About Africa Many Americans Believe

Do you believe one of these?

Men of God Should Understand the Importance of Fatherhood

As Christians, we ought to get this more than any other group. Scripture is filled with passages that describe the importance of fathers. In addition, the Bible consistently references fatherhood in an effort to analogize God’s relationship with each of us. What does Scripture tell us about the role of Fathers? First and foremost, we are to be teachers:

Sex Trafficking Is Not Just An Overseas Problem

Though typing these words makes my stomach churn, my desire is that moms and dads like me would know that daughters like ours have fallen prey to this very scenario—right here in suburban Denver and in seemingly safe places all across America.


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