The Early Bird Gets The Link

The Five Tests of False Doctrine
Excellent series by Challies, hope you are reading it. “how can we distinguish sound doctrine from false? How can we distinguish teachers of truth from teachers of error? In our opening article, I said that putting a doctrine to the test is the best way to determine if it is true or false. As we test the doctrine, we learn our responsibility toward it: We either hold to it or we reject it. I am returning to those tests today to explain them in greater detail. They provide a grid that is useful for testing any doctrine.”

How to Raise Radical Children

Love this article! Taking radical back to its roots. 

More than a Month Long

But I think, for American Christians, there are deeply compelling reasons to learn beyond February. Here are two reasons why studying our country’s history and important African Americans has year-long significance:

15 Reasons Our Churches Are Less Evangelistic Today

In too many of our churches today, the congregations are reaching no one for Christ in the course of an entire year.

How Journaling Combats Sin

We are a forgetful people, we forget the struggle and sometimes the victories. Here are a few ways journaling can help: “By God’s grace, I’ve found journaling to be a means by which I fight against sin. Journaling is not an end in and of itself; the end is to look to and live by the cross.”


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