The Early Bird Gets The Link

Three ways to fight against prayerlessness
It’s no secret that prayer is, at times, a struggle. Building and rebuilding healthy rhythms takes time, and my natural (human) impatience makes waiting for answers difficult. Sometimes it seems easier to run under my own power than to do the thing I’m supposed to do: pray. So what do I do when I feel stuck or lack motivation? 

Reading the Bible with a non-Christian

how do we bring God’s word to non-Christians so they can decide to follow Jesus?

Of Pastors and Politics

I’m not arguing for a neo-quietism that seals off the church from the world and shrugs its shoulders at cultural decay and injustice. What I am arguing for is a firm commitment to the ministerial priorities of preaching, praying, and pastoring the flock entrusted to us.

To Be A Diaper Changer

A much needed reminder that “we must remember that the way up is the way down”

Stranger Things Season 2

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