Meditation Monday: The Blessing of a Father

In our evening service we have been going through Genesis. Pastor Todd Howard has been preaching through Genesis 49 for a couple of weeks now. 

In his exposition of the passage he has drawn out principles to follow as a father, but the principles apply to mothers too. Here are a few to meditate on today. 

Let your kids hear you talk about the greatness of God!

In Genesis 49, Jacob gathers his children to bless them.  Jacob proclaims the greatness of God in their presence. Listen to how he describes God;

  • The Mighty One of Jacob – God has showed himself to be mighty to Jacob. Notice he isn’t just the Mighty One, but the mighty One of Jacob, the relationship was personal.
  • The Shephard- How many times did God guide and protect Jacob? Many! Do your kids know the times God has guided and protected you?
  • Rock of Israel- God was probably the only stable foundation in Jacob’s life. 
  • God of your father- Again we get a glimpse of the personal relationship between God and Jacob. We also see the desire for Jacob to pass it on. 
  • Almighty- God is Sovereign over all and who else is better to pass on the lesson that you will lose when grappling with the Almighty, but when you submit, when you tap out to God, he will bless you.

We need to equip our kids to think outside our ethnic group.

This is something I had not thought of until PStor Todd pointed it in Genesis 49. When Jacob speaks of Joseph he says, 

“Joseph is a fruitful bough, a fruitful bough by a spring; his branches run over the wall. – Genesis 49:22

Joseph’s fruitfulness branched out over the wall. God raised up Joseph probably the 2nd most powerful position in the world. He was placed in that position to bless and protect Israel, but his fruitfulness extended over the wall and blessed those of other ethnic groups.

Teach your children to understand, reach out, work with and be missional to those in another ethnic group.

Know your children 

When you read Genesis 49, you realize Jacob knew his children, their personality and pitfalls. Knowing your children allows you to;

  • Speak appropriate words to your kids. Words of love and discipline that they will respond to.
  • Figure out there path to godliness and how you can share the Gospel with them and disciple them

The life of Jacob displays for us it is never too late to change.

If you have blown it in your parenting or are currently blowing it, there is grace at the cross for you. 

Jacob’s life is full of parenting failures, but God transformed him and he can transform you. 

Until Next Time

Soli Deo Gloria 


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