The Early Bird Gets The Link

Respectable sins: 
There’s one more layer to dig down in understanding envy and jealousy – they come from competitiveness, and competitiveness comes from pride. 

Why Human Dignity is a Gospel Issue

Trump Accepts LGBT As A Protected Class

President Obama’s executive order makes LGBT into a protected class in government contracts and hiring. And the big news this week (which almost everyone seems to have missed) is that President Trump has decided to keep Obama’s executive order in place. Rather than rescinding the order, President Trump is adding a new EO to mitigate the religious liberty problems caused by the first one. But there are at least two problems with this.

Christian, Your Pain Is Never Punishment

Oh that The we would understand these truths: “The cross reveals in luminous brushstrokes our Lord’s mercy and grace, and his overflowing love for us, made perfect in the death and resurrection of his most beloved Son. In the most magnificent sacrifice the world has known, the Lord allowed suffering in order to save us.”

The Problem with just closing your eyes during the sex scenes

You see, when average folks like you and me support films and TV shows like these, we are perpetuating the sexualized culture we say we deplore. My guess is that, because it’s often hard to see how “A” eventually leads to “X,” we think little of doing “A,” even if we abhor “X.” 

Reading the Bible with a non-Christian

But how do we bring God’s word to non-Christians so they can decide to follow Jesus? One way is to read it with them one-on-one or in a small group. Here are some ideas about how to do this with a non-Christian you know from your work, church or social scene.


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