The Early Bird Gets The Link

Did Old Testament Men Treat Their Wives Like Property?
This was a good response. “Every once in a while, I’ll hear someone throw out the idea that men in the Old Testament treated their wives like property as if it’s an obvious, accepted fact. I’m not convinced it’s true.”

What Should Christians Think About Trump’s Refugee Policy?

The stated goal of the executive order—to protect the United States from terrorism—is entirely appropriate. In fact, that’s a God-ordained role of government, and we’re glad the president takes that responsibility seriously.

Baal with a Pinch of God on the Side

God’s people wanted to have it both ways. They weren’t really looking to get massacred, nor did they want to embrace idolatry completely….sort of a mix might be nice. They wanted a combination of worship.

Don’t Resent God’s Training Ground

But what do we do when our life plans take an unexpected, unrequested detour? How should we respond when clearly-directed paths are interrupted with seemingly counterproductive stall outs? To what can we cling when we find ourselves on a wilderness journey with no end in sight?

C.S. Lewis Talks to a Dog About Lust

The dog believes the lie that the only way forward, the only way to get what it wants, is to push ahead. Lewis, the dog-owner, affirms the longing of the dog to go forward, but he must pull the dog back in order for it to actually make any progress.

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