Meditation Monday: Eyes Wide Shut

On Saturday, I spent an hour or so coaching some 4th -6th grade boys, coaching the game of basketball. Our point guard brought the ball up the court and froze for a second. In that moment he double dribbled, the ref was in front of him, his eyes popped wide open, his faced grimaced, he knew he was caught.

 Have you ever been there?

 A situation when you know your in the wrong or you are getting told you are in the wrong. In that moment you are given the opportunity to change. You are faced with a decision, an opportunity, to push down and ignore the truth or course correct and make the changes necessary to grow. 

What do you do with the opportunity? 

Paul and Felix 

On Sunday morning Pastor Todd spoke on the tragedy of a missed opportunity. He focused on the communication between Felix and Paul.  We learn they spoke about “the faith”, Paul faithfully shared the gospel with Felix, probably answered many of Felix’s questions. 

Felix had this amazing opportunity to have one on one discussions with the Apostle Paul. Felix even called his Jewish wife so she can hear Paul. He was interested, attracted, drawn to Paul. 

Eyes Wide Shut

The book of Acts, a book written by Luke, one of Paul’s companions who was a physician, tells us, 

And as he reasoned about righteousness and self-control and the coming judgment, Felix was alarmed and said, “Go away for the present. When I get an opportunity I will summon you.” – Acts 24:25

I could imagine Paul telling Felix, “you can’t be good enough to get to heaven, you need the righteousness of Christ. You can’t self control your way to heaven. Felix, if you don’t repent & trust in Christ, there is a judgement coming.”

Whatever Paul said Felix was caught like my point guard, eyes wide open, face grimacing, and instead of taking advantage of this opportunity, Felix sent Paul away. 

In reality Felix was caught with eyes wide shut. He could see but he didn’t want to see. He wanted to push the truth down and ignore what he just heard.

How many of us respond to the Gospel with eyes wide shut?

If you are a Christian, how many times, when confronted with your “respectable” sins do you respond with eyes wide shut?

How about the many times we have the opportunity to share the gospel, help someone in need, or walk away from an opportunity to serve someone because we have eyes wide shut? 

I pray the Lord open my eyes to divine opportunities and help me respond with eyes wide open. 

Until Next Time 

Soli Deo Gloria 


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