The Early Bird Gets The Link

Impossible to Believe — Preaching in a Secular Culture
Secularization in American culture has reversed the conditions: not everyone is a non-Christian, but all must operate under a secular worldview that denies the legitimacy of a Christian worldview. In three hundred years, Western intellectual conditions have moved from an impossibility of unbelief to an impossibility of belief.

The Value of Christian Protest

Prayer is an under-estimated resource for affecting social change. Therefore, prayer is a powerful form of protest for Christians and one that should be more regularly ultylized.

Technology and Reformation

The impact of technology in the spread of the Gospel.

Is art really all about beauty?

A post worth reading and the conclusion is worth contemplating. “You may not be able to find a place for their work in your building or even in one of your meetings, but if you can’t appreciate and value what they are doing, they probably won’t find a place in your church.

And if they don’t find a place in our churches, Christians are unlikely to regain any sort of voice into our culture through the arts.”
Should Christians Watch Horror?

Christians unfortunately often respond to the horror genre, in its entirety, with disdain and fear. It is treated as the ultimate no-no for believers – as unredeemable, worldly entertainment. This raises the question for the Christian film fan. Should Christians watch horror?

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