The Early Bird Gets The Link

Digital Heroin

Great article on screen time which is phones, tablets, computers and tv.

 9 Things You Should Know About the Health Effects of Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a new normal for many states, here are 9 things you should know.

True Leadership Is Sacrifice, Not Privilege

It is one of the filthiest lies Satan whispers in the ear of our comfortable and entitled generation.

3 Priorities for Evangelicals in the Trump Years

However, there are also political costs to Christian disunity. As America becomes more secular, as political questions become more fundamental, being closer to our political party than we are to one another will hamper our political witness. At this time of deep polarization, I must have faith that Christians of various backgrounds, experiences, and political opinions can stand together as a rebuke of the partisanship of this era and as a voice for the common good.

Pornography Is Never Harmless, Never Private, Never Safe

11 quick thoughts on porn. 

Missionary Dating’ Isn’t Just Unbiblical, It’s Selfish

If your ultimate goal is to win your sweetheart over while dating them, you are unintentionally sending a subtle message. This memo communicates that you aren’t very serious about your relationship with God, at least not when it comes to relationships because you are compromising sharing Christ within what might become the most valuable earthly relationship you have. And if your own personal commitment to Jesus is lacking, you won’t give much incentive for anyone close to you to follow Him, too.


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