The Early Bird Gets The Link

How to Live Under an Unqualified President
Followers of Christ are not Americans first. Our first allegiance is to Jesus, and then to the God-inspired word of Scripture, the Bible. This is our charter, not the U.S. Constitution.

Truth to Build Your Life On

What Christ is describing in the Beatitudes then is not a list of character qualities we need to manufacture on our own, but the kind of fruit we ought to look for in a life of faith. He’s describing in detail the nature of true righteousness, and in the process, tearing down any illusions about the merits of our works or our own inherent goodness.

What if You Aborted a Future Janitor?

The logic goes something like this: You should be pro-life because you never know if you’ve aborted the next Einstein, the next Beethoven, the next Martin Luther King, Jr., the next Pasteur or Salk, etc. What if you aborted the curer of cancer or AIDS?… But I don’t think Christians should use this argument against abortion, and here’s why:

How to use Caution Like a Leader and Act with Discreet Boldness

A pinch of caution with a pound of passion builds the future. But a pound of caution with a pinch of passion solidifies the past.

Trump Inauguration’s Bible Reading Is Not in Your Bible

Here is a brief article explaining the Apocryphal reading from the inauguration. 


“73–17” is a sincere and passionate plea to black and white alike, to men and women alike, to all who would pause to ponder the power of personhood. 


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