Meditation Monday: Father Forgive Us For We Know What We Are Doing

Meditation Monday is where I share my reflections on Sunday’s sermons from my church, Watson Chapel Baptist Church, Pastor Todd Howard. Yesterday our church focus was on celebrate life Sunday. Pastor Todd’s message focused on the area of abortion and was titled Father Forgive Us. He had 9 thoughts we should consider when thinking about life and abortion:

  1. States treat the killing of the unborn as homicide, except when it is the “choice” of abortion.
  2. The inconsistency of fetal surgery to save babies vs. abortion.
  3. Dependency on another is irrelevant in determining personhood.
  4. Humanity is unique because we are created in the image of God.
  5. All organs are present at 8 weeks in the womb.
  6. When two rights conflict, the higher value should be protected.
  7. Abortion does not eliminate future sorrow or suffering.
    • Some argue to abort the baby because the baby may suffer through life for various reasons. Planned or unplanned pregnancies has no bearing on whether a child will suffer or experience sorrow. Anyone who is born will experience sorrow and suffering at some level.
  8. When you cheapen life in any area, there will be more abuses among those whose lives are cheapened.
    • The Holocaust
    • Slavery
    • Abortion
  9.  The helpless in creation is the special object of God’s loving care and it should be the special object of the church’s loving care also.

For those of you who have been touched by abortion in anyway, there is hope, forgiveness and grace through the cross of Christ.

Until next time

Soli Deo Gloria


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