The Early Bird Gets The Link

Conservatives, Here are 4 Reasons You Should Support the Bridge Act
Here are four reasons conservatives should protect Erick and other Dreamers, even as we secure our borders and begin to enforce our immigration laws:

Faithfulness in the Age of Trump

So what will faithfulness in the Trump era look like? Here are four words of caution for believers today that should apply to you, no matter how you voted.

Inherited Faith Is Dying. Chosen Faith Is Not.

In China, Africa, and many other places in the world, Christianity is growing rapidly as those societies are modernizing. Then, as people come to Europe and the United States from Africa, Latin America, and Asia, they plant new churches or strengthen other ones that are growing and reaching those cities. Why? Because, while religion that’s inherited will decline in the modern age, religion that’s chosen will not.


The moral and spiritual dimensions notwithstanding, there are a plenty of reasons to see Roe as a logical, legal, and political debacle. In his book Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade, Clarke Forsythe highlights a number of myths that led to the ruling in Roe—myths that, unfortunately, continue to be believed today.

This New Video from Disney Pixar Shows How the Movies Are All Connected

Here is an interesting look at how all the Pixar movies intertwine. 


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