The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Swim in the Deep End of the Bible

Died: Thomas Oden, Methodist Theologian Who Found Classical Christianity

Oren’s books and articles were very influential in my life when I came to Christ.

Keeping Christ in Xmas

One particular day, many moons ago, I was doing some planning for Christmas with a group of students. I did what I always do—wrote Xmas on the board. I went on my merry way the rest of that evening, preaching Jesus to students, hanging out for a bit, and then going home. Little did I know that I had committed quite the blasphemous act that would label me in the eyes of a couple as a youth pastor who didn’t respect Jesus. 

Parents: It’s Time to Wake Up About Pornography, Sexting, and Your Children

“I was once a seventh grade boy. I’ll tell you right now, you think you’re honoring your son by trusting him, but you are setting him up for a fall. You could hand him a gun, and his life might turn out better than if you just hand him over to the Internet.”

Why This Baptist Really Believes in Believer’s Baptism: A Response to G. Shane Morris

In his recent article, “The Real Reason Evangelicals Don’t Baptist Babies,” Morris, who is not a baptistic evangelical, wants to let those of us who are baptistic evangelicals know what is really going on in our hearts when we deny infant baptism.

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