The Early Bird Gets The Link

How to Be So Heavenly Minded that You’re of Great Earthly Good
Worth the read.

When Preaching the Gospel to Yourself Becomes Like Brushing Your Teeth with Your Finger

You’ve done that haven’t you? Went on a trip, realized you forgot to pack the toothbrush until it’s too late, and rather than get back in the car and go to the gas station or pay an exorbitant amount at the hotel for a new one, you decide to go primitive and brush your teeth with your finger. If you are really good at it…and make sure to wash your finger first…you can do a somewhat decent job. Or at least make yourself think that you’ve done a decent job covering up your stank. But it doesn’t take long for the deficiency of fingerbrush to manifest.

Six Ways to Love a Wayward Child

The parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15:11–32 now has new meaning for me. I don’t focus so much on the son, as I have in past readings. I focus now on the father. Watching him. Studying him. Learning from him.

Why? Because now I am standing in his shoes — worn-through with worry, wondering, and weariness. 
What Jesus Did for Thirty Years

How fascinating would it be to know what life was like for the boy Jesus? Did he plainly outpace his peers in learning? Did his sinlessness infuriate fallen siblings? How skilled was he as a worker? Was his carpentry “perfect,” or did it make good sense around town when he transitioned into public ministry?

Five Keys to Renewing Evangelistic Growth in Your Church

These Rainer articles are packed with useful info and advice. “I am observing carefully churches in North America that are truly making an evangelistic impact. Most of them transitioned from evangelistic apathy to growth. Though there is no formulaic approach or magic-bullet program, here are five common themes I see repeatedly:”

My Top 10 Books of 2016

Here are some book reco’s from  Jared Wilson. 


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