The Early Bird Gets The Link

Brothers, We’re in This Together
There are two key factors that often lead to a pastor’s short tenure: loneliness and a feeling of ineffectiveness. 

Why Christians Should Freely Participate in Thanksgiving and Black Friday

As I see it, Christians should view Thanksgiving and Black Friday as different sides of the same coin. Both holidays provide a unique opportunity to be thankful for God and his gifts while at the same time refusing to be more thankful for his gifts than we are for God himself.

8 Ways to Persevere in the Parenting Marathon

Parenting is like a marathon. Before the race you are fresh and rested. You start with excitement. But this is not a sprint.

There are painful moments. There are times you hit a wall and think you can’t keep going.
But one day, it’s over. Infants are grown. Bedrooms are empty. The house is quiet.
My Husband is a White Evangelical

So in these tense times, we all need to beware of broad sweeping generalities that pit us against each other. What I’d like to say to those on the front lines but operating behind the scenes, as well as to those who are on the front lines and in the public, though we are disheartened we are better together.

Giving as Gain

For Christians, the stewardship of our lives is a gift and a responsibility from God. The temptation to serve the gift, rather than the Giver is ever-present.

This ‘Hipster Nativity Set’ Is Quite the Commentary on Modern Christmas Culture

A hipster Christmas 


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