The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Preach About the Church to the Church
The Christian life runs on twin engines—both our individual relationship with the Lord and our congregational relationship with other local believers in a covenant community, a local church. Certainly, we must emphasize the individual nature of the Christian life, but that’s too often where we stop.

Four Reasons Sunday Attire Is Important to Christian Millennials

Christian Millennials as a whole care deeply about reaching their peers. But many of them don’t feel their friends would be welcomed or comfortable in their own churches.

7 Books That Changed My Life

Note, these are not (necessarily) the best books I’ve ever read. They are books that came around at just the right time to change things for me. In this list, I’ve excluded older works and classics; I’ll deal with them in another list. These are all post-World War II works. I’ve also excluded fiction and poetry, and will deal with them in another list as well.

Four Daily Prayers for Your Children

Consider with me this Spirit-inspired verse, a perfect, four-part summary of our prayers for our kids to become like Christ in every way. Let’s examine each of these in turn.

7 Qualities to Look for in a Church

Understand that involvement in the local church is a vital non-negotiable. Consequentially the next question is how can we spot good churches among all the bad ones?


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