The Early Bird Gets The Link 

You Are Never Too Young to Live for Christ
Society had lied to me. It told me to wait until I was “older” to live a Christian life. The great untruth the world speaks to us is that we can find more joy if we delay or neglect a life spent for God’s glory. It feeds us the lie that fulfillment is found in what proves to be a wasted life.

My Saddest American Moment in 2016 Hasn’t Been the Election

When did this happen in our country? There was a time when it was virtually impossible in America to rise to any significant political office without serving in the military or being a hero in combat. That makes perfect sense because such a person has already demonstrated loyalty and willing personal sacrifice for our great nation. It is hard to gain the kind of sober, practical wisdom that military service provides in any other walk of American life.

5 Easy Steps to Begin a Daily Quiet Time

It really isn’t as complicated as we often make it out to be. The main thing is simply to do something, but in case you are one of those still wanting to but not sure how, let me offer a few suggestions.

Neither a Republican Nor a Democratic Church

Let me get very specific. Some members of our congregation are happy with the results of this last week’s election, some don’t care, and some are scared. It’s our job as a congregation to live out the covenant we’ve taken before the Lord, and to show that the Christ we share is more important to us than the politics we don’t. This church has survived close elections before. It was here when Teddy Roosevelt was elected, and when his cousin Franklin defeated President Hoover. We survived Truman v Dewey, Kennedy v Nixon, and Nixon v Humphrey—all close and contentious elections. I was here when we survived Bush v Gore, and in those days we had had Mr. Gore’s scheduler as our deacon of sound while the Republican Senate Majority leader sat right down there! 

12 Ways to Pray for Yourself Everyday

I wouldn’t call myself a prayer warrior, but I’ve made tremendous efforts to grow in prayer over the past several years. All Christians are commanded to do so, and few hours of the day are more enjoyable than my quiet alone time with the Lord.


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