The Early Bird Gets The Link

Don’t Try and Improve on God’s Methods 
Our gracious Lord is not playing “catch me if you can” with us. He wants us to be sure of Him, come to Him, and draw strength from Him so that we can live fully for Him. But He does not give Himself to us in any way we might devise. 

Loved This From Ernie Johnson

Structural Racism

John Piper helps us understand structural racism, “My strategy is to show that, if your mind is Bible-saturated, you would consider it absolutely astonishing if structural racism were not pervasive wherever sin is pervasive. In other words, Bible-shaped people should expect to see structural racism almost everywhere in a fallen world.”

David, Jesus and You

Stop Calling Yourself a Christian

If you have a consistent lack of genuine fruit and find yourself aligning with the majority of these questions in this list, it would be wise to stop calling yourself a Christian.  

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