The Early Bird Gets The Link

November 8th is finally here, election day here in America. Get out and vote, trust in the Lord and live out the Gospel wherever you may live. With that said here are some good reads for your day.

Jesus Paid Taxes

Mark Dever delivers an excellent sermon concerning the Christian and government. One of the best I’ve heard.

Marriage Isn’t Meant to Meet Your Needs

When we approach marriage expecting our needs to be met, we fail to understand the real nature of love, and we sow seeds of marital destruction. God hasn’t designed marriage as a means to meet our personal needs. Assuming marriage is about meeting needs is dangerous for at least two reasons.

When A Man Loves A Woman Well


Fear God, Honor The King

We don’t have to like the state of the world around us—frankly, we’re right to be horrified as society sprints toward hell. But how we react to it—and especially to the authorities over us—speaks volumes about our faith, our confidence in the Lord, and our submission to His redemptive plan.

The Theological Liberalism Behind the Conservative Biblical Proof Text for American Christian Revival

Often, the way this verse will be preached in many evangelical pulpits is as a rallying cry. In so many sermons, the “people” referred to in the passage are the American people, and the “land” is the American land. The meaning of the text is understood as an invitation to 21st century America to “return to God” and then enjoy God’s blessing once again. It’s no wonder one scholar said that 2 Chronicles 7:14 is “the John 3:16 of the American civil religion.”


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