The Early Bird Gets The Link

A Political Paradigm Shift for Christians
Whatever happens in next week’s national election, it is clear that Christians need to think about an entirely new paradigm when it comes to political engagement. Do we consider a third party that would be explicitly Christian (following the example of Abraham Kuyper in the Netherlands)? Such a course would have cons as well as pros, but perhaps the time has come to give it serious thought. In the meantime, this unsettling election surely calls for believers to pause and reflect biblically. To this end, let me suggest 3 biblical principles that can inform not only our future paradigm but also our voting decisions in the coming national election: 

Freedom from the Tyranny of Hyperspirituality

Hyper-spirituality is what happens when we (usually implicitly) think that obedience to God and giving glory to God is about payback. We turn astonishment over the gospel into fuel for measuring up. 

How Can Members of Rural Churches Engage Culture?

Pastor, your small town might not have a homeless shelter. Your church might not have the resources to start a nonprofit to take care of the water crisis in some far away country. But if your town has a school, you can be sure that your town has pain. 

Fix Your Eyes Upon Jesus

What are we coming to church to feast upon?

Live Like Sons and Daughters of the King

Three unusually sweet promises lie in these four verses for precious sons and daughters of God. 

In Pursuit of a Multi-Ethnic Church

Good read


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