The Early Bird Gets The Link

Unashamed to Sing
Hey, all you baseball fans, this may be a little convicting, we all should take time out to read it. “Now, imagine someone after a Cub’s victory turning to his neighbor and saying, “This song is corny and old-fashioned. It’s not my style.” A thoughtful neighbor would respond, “You’re missing the point. Our team just won!”

The Only Four Things You Need to Read in Response to the Hatmakers

I was going to post Kevin DeYoung’s great response but Justin Taylor has given us the 4 must read articles when it comes to the Hatmakers. DeYoung’s is one of them so enjoy and be equipped. 

Us and Them

But Genesis 19 doesn’t end with Lot’s rescue. It doesn’t end with a “happily ever after.” It stumbles and trips over itself and leaves us feeling disgusted, questioning the point of telling stories that only make us uncomfortable. Was it really necessary to tell us of Lot’s drunkenness and his daughters’ desperate plunge into incest? 

Holman Commentary Ebooks for $2.99

A whole bunch of commentaries for 2.99.

The Greatest Act of Spirituals Warfare

Satan knows this. Which is why he works diligently, subtly, and insidiously to incite and encourage the erosion of our trust in one another. He wants to kill love.


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