The Early Bird Gets The Link

The past couple of weeks have been busy for at home and church, but I am back and here are some good reads.

3 Truths You Should Remember, No Matter What You Do in the Voting Booth

Good reminder about “truths about Christians and politics that are true today and will still be true after next week’s election—truths you should remember no matter what you do in the voting booth.”

7 Ways for a Husband to Encourage His Wife

Here is some good practical advice all husbands should take, including me.

Towers of Disappointment

But the story of Babel shows us a glimpse into the very heart of what makes sin … sin. If you’ve ever wondered why shameful desires have such power over you, or why you just can’t shake certain habits, Babel reveals the reason why.

Is Your Gospel an Urban Legend?

If you talk a big game about “the gospel,” but don’t live like it’s true, the people you do life with will begin to suspect you don’t actually believe it. Worse yet, they may begin to disbelieve it themselves.

That’s Not Jesus Calling

Instead of chasing special revelation from the Lord, we need to recommit ourselves to the sufficiency and authority of what He has already said. Moreover, we need to consider the special care the Lord took in recording and preserving His Word.

A Response to Andy Stanley

Piper responds to the recent Andy Stanley issues. 


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