The Early Bird Gets The Link

Insights on the State of American Theology 2016

Here is some worthwhile info.

Why Multigenerational Community Matters

Paul is writing to Timothy about shepherding the people of God. Timothy has been given a mandate to help establish order in the church, and in these instructions, we see a general rule for all that our position doesn’t dismiss our approach, and that being right doesn’t remove the need to respect.

Learning to Read the Unseen Headline

In fact, even if we had the best journalist in the world they likely do not have the eyes to see what is really going on. What the headline reads on earth is likely quite different than what the headline would read in heaven.

On Loving My Neighbor With My Vote

This is a valid concern. We definitely should think of how our votes (or non-votes) affect our neighbors. As Christians, we ought to think how our postures toward politics and the electoral process demonstrate love for our neighbor.

12 Theses on a Christian Understanding of Economics

Christians must allow the economic principles found in Scripture to shape our thinking while simultaneously recognizing that we can act in light of those principles in any economic, cultural, or generational setting.


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