The Early Bird Gets The Link

Dr. Moore on AC360

Worth watching

Do Good Works Require Good Doctrine?

Real righteousness simply cannot exist in isolation from belief in the truth. Any “practical good” apart from sound doctrine has to abandon God’s standards for what is good and righteous. Naturally, it doesn’t take very long for that kind of thinking to undermine the foundations of Christianity itself.

3 Ways Marriage Proclaims the Gospel

All marriages in some way or another points to the gospel, even among unbelievers, but the Christian marriage shines a bright light of the gospel for the world to see. We must never forget that marriage matters.

Four Principles for Thinking Well about Boundaries

Some helpful words here.

Seeking Clarity in this Confusing Election Season: Ten Thoughts

I hope these brief reflections will not be in the category of “stirring up,” but rather might provide some clarity about what Christians should agree on and what we may not have to agree on.

Making Decisions in Light of God’s Sovereignty

Now again, they could have stayed seated. Done nothing. Waited passively. But they chose to act – to make decisions before a sovereign God. There is a great truth in that for all of us – the sovereignty of God does not paralyze our decision-making; rather, God’s sovereignty gives us the freedom to move and act according to His will.

How Do We Prepare Our Children For Suffering? 

This was a helpful episode of ask Pastor John. 


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