The Early Bird Gets The Link

Who Should We Vote For This November?
Well balanced article weighing and explaining your options, including not voting. 

4 Ways to become a better listener and a better Apologist

If you want to defend your faith well, become a good listener. Be patient and hear what others are saying so that you can respond appropriately. Do not dominate conversations. This is not easy. It takes practice. But you need to do it. Let me offer four practical ways to improve your listening.

10 Poisons That Will Kill Any Church

As I think about churches dying, I’m reminded there are certain poisons that are causes of death. I call them poisons because they are deadly, but they avoidable. The churches that die from them do so by their own hand.

Here’s Why You Struggle With the Race Conversation

I was able to understand why people are struggling with the race conversation when my wife was talking with me about women’s roles in the church. Even as she explained her concerns, I halfheartedly listened because I, “know what the Bible says.” And of course, I nearly led off my response with, “Well the Bible says…” which could be seen as equivalent to leading off a race discussion with #alllivesmatter. What would make me respond that way? Well, it’s simple. Her problem wasn’t a problem for me, so therefore the problem didn’t exist.

How to Reach Across the Racial Divide

The story of Scripture ultimately culminates with all tribes, tongues, and nations—a multi-ethnic community of the redeemed—bowed before the Lamb in the new heavens and the new earth. This is the same vision God calls the local church to support and advance here on earth.


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