The Early Bird Gets The Link

Here are some interesting and worthwhile reads. 

If I Die Before You Wake…

When Christ draws near, the systems we put in place collapse because they are the systems of sinners exposed by perfection. I want my children to know this. I want them to remember it. Because as they go through this fallen world there will be so much pressure on them, as there is on their parents, to conform to the world. And they must not be afraid to stand for the collapse of all things so that the one thing that truly matters stands tall.

The Evangelical Civil War: An Interview With Russell Moore

Trump’s march through the nation’s dark side has left destruction, seen and unseen. The raging conflict within the Republican Party is mirrored in another battle over the soul of conservative Christianity. Moore, who has made it clear he’s looking for Christians to elevate church above party, Jesus above Trump, is not shrinking from the fight.

How Our Unbiblical Views of Forgiveness and Grace Are On Full Display in the 2016 Election

The Bible clearly outlines what repentance looks like—and it isn’t dismissive or apologizing because someone might have been offended. Biblical repentance will never hide behind an “at least I wasn’t as bad as the other guy”. It will instead see sin—even in seed form—as odious and offensive to a holy God.

Last night’s debate and my burden going forward

We live in sad times. But the debacle of the 2016 presidential election is not the cause of our times. It is the sign of our times. And we need to have our eyes wide open to the world and our hearts full of gospel joy and our feet swift to our great work. 


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