The Early Bird Gets The Link

Why Won’t God End My Suffering?
Those two things can be difficult to reconcile. If God can end our suffering on earth, why doesn’t he? Why does he allow sickness to afflict us if sickness is not what he ultimately and eternally wants for us?

What to Expect of My Sample Bible Studies

With these sample Bible studies in Exodus, I’d like to show you how I go about my Bible study. When I sit down to blog, I’ve probably been thinking about the passage generally, but I don’t yet know what I will conclude about the passage’s structure, main point, connection to Christ, or application. So as I write, I’m coming to the text fresh, and I’m doing my study “out loud” by writing the post. So please read these posts as simply my thought process in working through observation, interpretation, and application.

The Only Sermon I’ve Ever Walked Out On : Borrowed Light

I just couldn’t take another second of it. My heart was breaking. I was desperate for Jesus. Desperate for help as a pastor. I needed to hear the word of God and what I got was business principles on how to reach people for Jesus. The chorus of “Amen’s” all around me was more than I could stomach. So I walked out and tried my best not to embarrass myself by weeping in the hallway.
Every Click Counts

Every click is a kind of vote. Every time you click, you say, in effect, I want this — and more of this. And someone hears you. When you click on seedy links and ads, and click around at sleazy sites, you’re not just showing and shaping the health of your own soul, but you’re also feeding the strength of those sites one click at a time.

How I Learned to Separate Meat from Bone in the Charismatic Tradition

Good read especially if you were or are part of this branch of Christianity. “While some aspects of the charismatic movement are commendable, there are also glaring concerns. When I was unable to find a church home during college, my father told me sometimes picking the right church is like eating deep fried catfish. You eat the meat and spit out the bones.”

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