The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Hope you are having a great week here is a daily roundup of articles and videos.

Four Myths Christians Believe About Politics

This video addresses four of the biggest myths that Christians have about our relationship to the political sphere.

3 Ways to Welcome Others as Christ Has Welcomed You

Christ’s welcome and our ability to welcome go hand in hand:

How porn strips more than clothes

Pornography is designed to be visually (implicitly or explicitly) tantalizing by revealing more than the acceptable norms and mores in place (i.e. naked bodies are arousing because we are used to the norm of clothed bodies in public life). But does porn strip away more than the object’s clothes?

One Essential Key To Becoming a Better Leader

You don’t become a better leader by thinking about becoming a better leader. You become a better leader by test driving untested behaviors.

Here’s Lecrae’s Powerful Performance Addressing Racial Injustice at the BET Awards

Worth watching and meditating on.

You Cannot Glorify God If You Find Him Boring

This audio clip is vintage John Piper, worth listening to or reading. 


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