The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Princes Are Not Redeemers — Politics in Perspective
Even in a free nation, such as America, we still find ourselves being promised the world through politics. Crooked politicians (and yes, most of them are crooked) continue to compete for votes, and often they lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top. Beware of putting your trust in politicians. The answer for America, and our world, is not found in politics, it’s something far greater. Keith Mathison writes, “Because our citizenship is in heaven, our hopes do not ride on earthly election results. We do not hope in candidates with ‘Messiah complexes.’” [2]

Hearts in Heaven

Those who live with this heavenly perspective discover abundant life as God intended it here on earth. Ironically, those who pursue earthly comforts are really the most uncomfortable people on earth.

How Scripture’s Authority Shapes What We Do On Sunday Morning

What we consistently see is there are faithful ways to worship God and unfaithful ways to attempt to worship God. How are we to know the difference? How could we obey, unless we’re told how? How could we abstain, unless we are warned?

Christians and Election 2016

Some thoughts from Dr. Moore after the debate. 

“But What If We’re Wrong?” Wondering How the Future Will Judge Us

“Take up and read.”

That’s the advice I received from a good pastor friend regarding the books of Chuck Klosterman, one of the finest pop-culture observers and thinkers of our day. And anytime a pastor uses the conversion story of Augustine to convince me to pick up a book, well, it’s hard to resist.


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