The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Hope you had a. Leased weekend. Here are some worth while articles, videos and audio clips.

Andrew Fuller on Humanity’s Ultimate Desires

I enjoy when the David Prince site posts these thoughts from Andrew Fuller.

The Real Focus of Successful Leaders

Control, for the most part, is illusion.

What happens when you try to control something outside your control?
How Not to Become a Christian Chihuahua

So, the questions I have for myself are simply these: Am I the Chihuahua in the room? Am I the kind of person who arrogantly thinks he has all the answers? Do I selectively cloister myself with like-minded believers? Do I obnoxiously defend what I believe with ruthless animosity? Am I more of a nuisance than a blessing? Have I elevated my pet theological positions to the level of essential Christian doctrine, even when they are non-essential issues?

No Place Like Home

While we need to be good stewards of the health the Lord has given us, we must remember that the “buildings” we currently occupy were not built to last forever. An important part of cultivating a heavenly perspective is looking forward to the physical realities of heaven.

What Is God Doing in My Pain?

Many of you have been in situations where you look at something in your life and wonder, “Is God even aware? What could he possibly be up to right now?” Maybe your circumstances are so dismal that you aren’t even sure there is a God. You’re in pain, you can’t see the end of it, and you can’t see any purpose in it.

What Type of Steward of God’s Word Are You?

It’s Monday morning and I’m slowly recovering from Sunday. I take a brief look at the text for the upcoming Sunday. What I say to myself in that moment will determine what type of steward I am of God’s Word. There are two types of stewards in the Bible. When we consider handling the Bible, only one of these types of stewards is faithful to the master.


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