The Early Bird Gets The Link 

The Early Bird Gets The Link is a daily roundup of interesting and thought provoking articles, videos, or audio clips.

A Heavenly Worldview

In other words, we don’t seek to escape this life by dreaming of heaven. But we do find we can endure this life because of the certainty of heaven.

A Lesson from Martin Luther to Modern Day Reformers

This might have the right doctrine and biblical practices at the heart of it, but that kind of how-to attitude is destructive. Many young pastors burn with a desire to see reform, but how they go about it can be devastating.

the Making of a Celebrity Pastor

The local church calls men to the ministry. The local church equips men for the ministry. We must stop this process where individuals steeped in a “be an epic difference maker” culture are the deciding factors as to whether or not they are called into ministry.

The Attraction of Idolatry

We know as Christians, on an intellectual level, that we have idols—be it family, food, football or whatever. But to see the allure of idolatry can be hard for those of us in the Western world.

5 Things Not to Trust in Your Preaching

But the one thing we must not do is trust after-sermon comments as a final measure of how faithful or effective our preaching is. We don’t (or shouldn’t!) preach for an “Amen.” We don’t (or shouldn’t!) preach in the fear of man. We don’t (or shouldn’t!) begin to think those few comments (and they are few) represent the entirety of the church or the entirety of God’s work. The Master works his plan well beyond the sight of men. So we shouldn’t finally trust the comments of our people, or even our own assessments.


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