The Early Bird Gets The Link 

The Early Bird Gets The Link is a daily roundup of interesting and thought provoking articles, videos, or audio clips.

How to Overcome Satan’s Temptations

As long as we’re awaiting the resurrection, we’re going to have temptations. And we’re going to stumble—sometimes quite often. But we don’t have to throw our hands up and simply give in. If we know a little about Satan’s tactics, we can have much more confidence when he attacks.

Pete Wilson and the Importance of the Sabbath

We all must remember God created the sabbath (rest) for man. Also we all must remember Pastor’s are humans like us, they need rest, rejuvenation, a daily spiritual walk. With that in mind here are 5 ways you can pray for your pastor. 

Six Reasons Why Your Church Members May Not Be Friendly to Guests

So how do so many church members have such a disconnect with reality? I see six common reasons:

4 Questions Parents Should Ask of Extracurricular Activities

Scenarios and questions related to church and family are always complicated. Is it wrong to play on Sunday? Are we offering a poor Christian witness if we miss games and practices for religious events? Is the grandparent’s anniversary party more important than the playoff soccer game? Should we just accept consequences for missing games?

Find a Friend to Wound You

This sentence has me thinking much this morning. “Your soul needs friends who are willing to risk wounding your pride in the moment for the long-term good of your soul.”


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