The Early Bird Gets The Link

The Early Bird Gets The Link is a daily roundup of interesting and thought provoking articles, videos, or audio clips.

Seven Principles for Angry Parents Disciplining Angry Children

In Ephesians 6:4, God tells fathers–though I think it’s okay for moms to listen in–to raise children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. He also warns against provoking our children to anger. So how do we do one without the other? How do we discipline exasperating kids without in turn exasperating them unnecessarily?

Dad Enough to Sing

I want my sons to grow up believing that a grown man singing is one of the most natural sounds in the world. It doesn’t have to be great singing. I’m no accomplished vocalist. Yet I don’t want my boys — or my daughter, for that matter — to ever think it’s strange for men to sing. Rather, it’s strange, and sad, when men don’t sing

A 3 Step System to Come Out Smarter After Failure

Have you ever failed? Of course you have, so have I, many times, here is a system to come out smarter in the end. 

Five Reasons Why Churches Are Dying and Declining Faster Today

With some exceptions, it is indeed more difficult to lead churches to growth. Such is a reality that is about 15 years in the making. The obvious question is “Why?” Allow me to articulate five of those reasons.

Eye-Rolling is Not Discipleship

This was a great reminder. “Those of us who are privileged to have vocations that involve reading and studying the Scriptures can form a dangerous bubble of elitism. We get paid to read, study, and be “experts” at theology and mission. We’re perusing books, attending conferences, and engaged in conversations with other ministry professionals.”

3 Questions to Detect Sports Idolatry

Football season is here! With that comes this article, worth the read. “Though I’m an unabashed sports fan, I don’t write this article as a fan but as a pastor and seminary professor. Any consideration of love for sports raises the question: Is this good or bad? My answer is an unequivocal yes.”


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