The Early Bird Gets The Link 

The Early Bird Gets The Link is a daily roundup of interesting and thought provoking articles, videos, or audio clips.

If God Is Sovereign, Why Pray?

This question seems to be a constant, ligonier does an excellent job here.

Clinton, Trump, or Neither? 3 Views on the 2016 Presidential Election

It is getting closer, who will you vote for, here you have  3 views: Trump, Clinton or Neither.

When Christianity Was Muscular

The Art of Manliness gives us the third installment concerning Christianity and men. They are also offering a odd version of these articles. Worth reading.

How The Apostle Paul Shaped My Approach To Political Engagement

As Christians prayerfully consider how to engage with the political process I offer what initially might seem an unlikely guide to consider—the apostle Paul.

A 3 Step System to Come Out Smarter After Failure

When failure comes how do you respond? Here is 3 step process. 


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