The Early Bird Gets The Link 

The Early Bird Gets The Link is a daily roundup of interesting and thought provoking articles, videos, or audio clips.

The Gospel Coalition (TGC): Loving the Church When It Hurts

This message was worth listening to.

Do Not Go Beyond What Is Written

But Fuller would be the first to say that the best thing you can do for yourself, your family, your church, your neighbors, the persecuted church, and the cause of world missions is to be steeped in your Bible.

How to Talk to Your Children About Election 2016

The most important step is to combat fear. That’s true in any election year, due to the way that partisans—and, sadly, especially Christians—speak in apocalyptic terms every four years. “If Barack Obama is elected, we won’t have a country left in four years,” was said many times in 2008. “Our country can’t survive the reelection of George W. Bush,” others said in 2004. Elections have consequences, yes. Elections are important, yes. But elections are not the pinnacle of history—for either good or for bad.

4 Reasons We Must Never Divorce Leadership Development From Discipleship

Consumption is focused on the masses and for the short-term payoff. Discipleship is focused on the person for the long run, for fruit that will last.


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