The Early Bird Gets The Link 

The Early Bird Gets The Link is a daily roundup of interesting and thought provoking articles, videos, or audio clips.
One Reason We Don’t See Miracles in the West

I was 31 years old when the first of my friends was diagnosed with cancer. She was only 28, and it was her second diagnosis. She had battled breast cancer in college, and now it had returned…My friend survived and, even though doctors said that because of radiation treatments she’d never be able to have children, she and her husband have two.

Was this a miracle, or was it just ordinary medicine?
Turning Your Spectators Into Worshipers

Many of us would agree that worshipers in a church gathering are called to be participants in that gathering instead of mere spectators, consumers, or critics. But even though so many of us might affirm this truth, how do we practically accomplish it? How do we encourage our congregations to participate with whole hearts every week?

Should We Stop Having Children to Save the Earth?

A recent National Public Radio feature highlighted a growing movement to encourage people to have fewer or no children, as a move to protect the ecosystem. This is, as one put it, a “moral obligation.” As one professor told NPR, “Maybe we should protect our children by not having them.”

Every Penny Is from Heaven

With a opening line like this how can you resist reading, “What do financial advisors, prosperity preachers, and Jesus all have in common?”

Am I a Hypocrite… and Don’t Even Know It?

What if the true image of hypocrisy is blurry? How might sin and rebellion sneak into our lives unaware?

You Don’t Have to Get Elected or Make Movies to Change Culture

Things are looking dark in American culture. We lament the darkness, but at least it helps make the light of the gospel more visible. However people respond to it, our job is to shine that light. And the place where we have the most opportunity to shine it these days is not in elections or in movies but in everyday workplaces.

Why Did Martin Luther Have Such a Funny Haircut?

“Daddy, why does that man have such funny hair?”


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