The Early Bird Gets The Link

The Early Bird Gets The Link is a daily roundup of interesting and thought provoking articles, videos, or audio clips.

The Feminization of Christianity

This series by the Art of Manliness has definitely been interesting. “Welcome back to our series on the relationship between Christianity and masculinity, which aims to explore the historical and cultural factors that have made women statistically more likely to be committed to the religion than men.”

Given Deborah, Jael, and Judith, Why Shouldn’t Women Serve in Combat?

Here are three different views concerning women in combat. 

Simon Goulart’s Path to Joy

John Piper isn’t kidding when he says that he didn’t make this Christian hedonism stuff up. There is a rich history of “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him”. 

6 Observations about Leading Children to Jesus

There is no greater honor as a pastor than to lead someone to trust in Jesus. When it comes to the children in our churches, this honor is a great responsibility. Here are 6 observations about talking with children regarding faith in Jesus Christ.

10 Ways to Lie About Addiction

Fragmentation: One helpful way to think of deception within addiction is fragmentation; telling parts (i.e., fragments) of your story as if they were the whole story and expecting others to respond accordingly.

The Gospel According to ‘Stranger Things’

I must admit I enjoyed the Netflix original Stranger Things. Here is one writers take on seeing the Gospel in Stranger Things. 


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