The Early Bird Gets The Link 

Are We Physically Healed by Jesus’ Stripes?
Word-Faith charismatic teachers routinely claim that Isaiah 53:5 is proof that physical healing is inherent in the atonement—that it was won by Christ’s physical suffering.

How God Saved Me from the Prosperity Gospel

As my world collapsed, chaotic feelings assailed me. At one point I screamed at God in disappointment that he’d failed me again. I had exercised tremendous faith; how could he let this happen?

The Danger of Selectively Seeing the Scriptures

As humans we have a tendency to hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. 

Should the Church View Homosexuality Like Divorce?

Don’t most conservative denominations, after all, welcome members who have been divorced into the fellowship? Why do evangelicals single out one sexual teaching over another? Couples divorce, sometimes remarry others, and yet are welcomed within the congregation. We don’t necessarily affirm this as good, but we receive these people with mercy and grace. Why not, the argument goes, do the same with homosexuality?

Lessons from Martha’s Kitchen

I am convinced though that just as Martha has been distracted and missed the very presence of her Savior, so do we miss the very lesson of these scenes by focusing on comparing Martha to her sister, and ignoring the very Savior these verses evolve around. The point of these scenes is not to showcase Martha’s struggles or Mary’s worship, but rather to teach us how Martha’s inadequacies —and those of every other woman for that matter—are met by the self-sufficiency of a perfect Christ!

5 Benefits from Loving My Small Church

As one member of a small church to the many others who may be reading, let’s remember the value of being in our small churches, lest we forget the gift that God has given us.

3 Dangers of Dividing People By Generation

In his new book, Impossible People, Os Guinness fears that generational analysis has devolved into “generationalism,” an overemphasis on the strong differences between the generations at the expense of the commonalities that unite us. After reading his chapter on this issue, I’d like to borrow a few of his insights and build on them here.


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