The Early Bird Gets The Link 

“God Made Me for China” — Eric Liddell Beyond Olympic Glory
“God made me for China.” Eric Liddell lived his life in answer to that calling and commission. As Duncan Hamilton explains, Liddell “considered athletics as an addendum to his life rather than his sole reason for living it.”
5 Lies Every Single Christian Believes

When I was single, I noticed how easy it was to believe lies. And after talking with dozens and dozens of other single Christians over the years, it seems that there’s a few lies that singles are prone to believing.

What are they?
Why Your Church Needs to Be Centered and Sent

God formed the church for mission, Wright says. He didn’t come up with a mission for his church as much as he formed a church for his mission. Thus, to separate any teaching of Scripture from its context of global mission is to misinterpret it. In other words, you can’t teach any text of Scripture properly if you don’t teach missions out of it. Any ministry that is not formed in light of the Great Commission is off from the start. That’s why I say my pastor friend was so wrong. Because if a church is not engaging in mission, it really has no point in existing.

The Bible is So Confusing…

Are you using the difficulty of the Scriptures as a dodge for reading and obeying the parts which are clear? 


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