The Early Bird Gets The Link 

On Meeting D.A. Carson
Anyway, after I quoted these verses, I said to Carson, “And because of those two verses, I feel reluctant, and I’m not sure I should go into ministry. What do you think I should do?”

Grace vs. Holiness

We in modern Christianity have somehow missed that truth. While we are thankful for the reality of God’s grace, and while we want to enjoy the experience of His love, we have somehow neglected the truth of His holiness. That imbalance is eating at the heart of our worship.

One Thing: Russell Moore

What is the one thing the local church needs to get right in the 21st century?

How Can I Learn to Receive—and Give—Criticism in Light of the Cross?

In other words, in Christ’s cross I agree with God’s judgment of me; and in Christ’s cross I agree with God’s justification of me. Both have a radical impact on how we take and give criticism.

Lay Aside the Weight of Moodiness

This is why we say emotions are gauges, not guides. They are (usually) reliable as gauges, telling us what we believe. But they are unreliable as guides to direct us what to do or where to go.


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